About Us

Rendered Designs & Development is a Kansas City local start up. We are a design agency that allows the collaboration of several resources to ensure the completion of a full range of services in a timely manner. With a range of specialties it also means we can pair you up with a designer, developer, or photographer that most matches your style or needs.


Born and raised in a small farm town, moved to the big city of Kansas City to start my adventures in the world of digital art. I have always had a passion for art but the term starving artist really has a meaning. So I found a way to make sure there was food on the table while still doing what I loved. This is what drove me to graphics design. As I was striving towards a career in graphics design it was brought to my attention that even they could be starving artists. The next boost in my career was to sway my graphics design towards web design and development. On top of all of that photography was always a fun hobby but I started getting booked for session and it just grew from there.

With Rendered Designs & Development there are several options of products and services. There was a method to the madness. All of it is very enjoyable for me but in the end it gives you the chance to work with one company to complete an entire world of multimedia. Every business needs logos, business cards, advertisements, and most importantly a website that can also house all from this list. A website can have the best content and the best look but it is still difficult to call it an amazing website without some great photos. I am not talking about those cool stock photos that every other website it using. I mean real photos to represent what your website is all about.

-Sydney Bowman (Founder and Owner)